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Hey there. I’ve recently came across this game, and have been enjoying the heck out of it. After many struggles, I finally finished World 4 in the Campaign, but I can’t go through the portal, because every time I try, the following error message appears. Is this a problem with my computer, or with the game?


I love this game. Great clever puzzles!
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Really like the idea, would love to play it on the gameboy :). Would buy it but now i only have a Mac laptop.

Hey there, you should tag your download as being a Windows game so it's playable in the itch app. Currently it says it's not available for Windows and I think that's why. :)


Whoops! Thanks for that catch! All good now.

Hello, friend! How I could contact you (by email or Facebook)?

Hi, I just added a support e-mail. If you show any early symptoms of gum-metamorphosis, please message me at

Just sent you email :)