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Hey there. I’ve recently came across this game, and have been enjoying the heck out of it. After many struggles, I finally finished World 4 in the Campaign, but I can’t go through the portal, because every time I try, the following error message appears. Is this a problem with my computer, or with the game?

Hi! Sorry I missed this comment for so long. I think if you install this DirectX package from Microsoft, it should work again. Let me know if you have more issues, though:

Happy puzzling!

Ah, it's no big deal. Anyway, I tried out your solution, but unfortunately the DirectX package can only work with older version of Windows, and not Windows 10.

I added a version that disables the special effects in the cutscene after world 4, I hope it will resolve your issue! Check the download page for the game again, it should show up.


Alright, made it to the next world with no crashes. Thanks so much for this!


I love this game. Great clever puzzles!
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Hey there, you should tag your download as being a Windows game so it's playable in the itch app. Currently it says it's not available for Windows and I think that's why. :)


Whoops! Thanks for that catch! All good now.

Hello, friend! How I could contact you (by email or Facebook)?

Hi, I just added a support e-mail. If you show any early symptoms of gum-metamorphosis, please message me at

Just sent you email :)